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Rome Fiumicino (LIRF)
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REMEBER! All times are in ZULU time.
ETA - Estimated time of arrival, that is the time when aircraft arrives at the destination.
ETD - Estimated time of departure, that is the time when aircraft departs from the airport.
Please make sure to call for the clearance maximum 15 minutes before your ETD.
Ladies and Gentlemen, It's a pleasure to invite you, to Ciampino Realtime.
We will provide ATC services for 10 hours non-stop, so why limit yourself to just one flight?
We will also try to match real flights in and out from Ciampino (LIRA) airports
Fiumicino will be covered as well.
Anyone that touches Ciampino as Pilot or participates as ATC during the event will have a chance at being drawn randomly
to win a free copy of the Aerosoft scenery. Successfully finish the flight and you will automatically be entered for the draw!
The winner will be announced on the VATITA Forums.