[Events][22-01-20 Wednesday, 20.00-22.00Z] Rome online day


Cari piloti,
questo mercoledì provvederemo a fornire piena copertura ATC per gli aeroporti di Fiumicino (LIRF) e Ciampino (LIRA).
Perché non fare un volo dai nostri vicini VACC-Austria o un salto un po' più lungo da LEMD con gli amici di Vatspa? La scelta è tua!

Dear Pilots,
We will provide full ATC services and do our best for Fiumicino (LIRF) and Ciampino (LIRA) airports.
Why not pair with our neighbours VACC-Austria or do a longer hop to LEMD with our friends at vatspa? Your choice!

Wednesday 22-01-2020
20.00-22.00z (21.00-23.00lcl)


LIRF Briefing


For charts and sceneries: http://forum.vatita.net/index.php/topic,5519.0.html



[Events][24-01-20, 20.00-22.30Z] Nice Rome city link


Visto il successo dell'ultima edizione, Vatita e Vatfrance ,vogliono iniziare questo 2020 riproponendovi il collegamento tra Nizza (LFMN) e Roma (LIRF)!
La copertura ATC è garantita per tutta la tratta dalle 20:00 alle 22:30 zulu!

The last citylink with our friendly neighbors at Vatfrance was a great success , that's why we want to start this new year connecting Nice Cote d'Azur (LFMN) and Rome (LIRF)!
Full ATC coverage is guaranteed from 20:00 until 22:30 zulu!


LIRF briefing

For charts and sceneries: http://forum.vatita.net/index.php/topic,5522.0.html




[Events][29-01-20 Wednesday, 20.00-22.00Z] Milano online day


Vatita will be covering the whole FIR of Milano, come fly in and out at three of the busiest airports in Italy: Milano Malpensa (LIMC), Orio al Serio (LIME) and Linate (LIML) !
Why not pair with our neighbours VACC-Austria and VatFrance or do a longer hop to LEMD with our friends at vatspa? Your choice!

Vatita coprirà l'intera FIR di Milano, vieni a volare in due degli aeroporti più trafficati d'Italia : Milano Malpensa (LIMC), Orio al Serio (LIME) e Linate (LIML)!
Perché non fare un volo dai nostri vicini VACC-Austria e VatFrance o un salto un po' più lungo da LEMD con gli amici di Vatspa? La scelta è tua!

Wednesday 29-01-2020
20.00-22.00z (21.00-23.00lcl)


Charts and sceneries: http://forum.vatita.net/index.php/topic,5524.0.html



[Events][29-02-20 Saturday, 14.00-17.30Z] Milano overload


VATITA vi aspetta sabato 24 febbraio nei cieli milanesi! Dalle 14z alle 17:30z i nostri controllori forniranno piena copertura per gli aeroporti di Malpensa (LIMC) e Linate (LIML)!
Avrai tutto il pomeriggio per volare VFR o IFR! Pianifica il tuo volo e vieni a goderti le Alpi!

On Saturday February 24th, VATITA invite you to fly in Milano! From 14z to 17:30z Malpensa (LIMC) and Linate (LIML) will be covered top down by our controllers!
You will have the whole afternoon to fly VFR and IFR! Plan your flight and enjoy the mighty Alps!

Charts and sceneries: http://forum.vatita.net/index.php/topic,5520.0.html



Cieli Blu ARP115

Cieli Blu ARP115
gli amici di VATITA

Blue skies ARP115



UPDATE - Rome Fiumicino Airport Pilot Briefing


For a while now we have been working on a document to help pilots with the most common procedures used in Rome's airport.

It is now complete and available for the public:

LIRF Pilot Briefing December 2019

This document has most of the information that is needed to fly correctly and safely to and from Rome's international airport. However it is not sufficient; you will also need to have the charts on board.



Aerosoft Genoa X


Aerosoft has published a second Italian airport within a month. We are happy to announce Aerosoft Genoa X


Maybe even more fun than Malpensa, Aerosoft has given the virtual aviation public a jewl; with its ILS offset and circle to land procedure, Genoa will certainly keep you awake!


Some of the specs according to the site:

  • Fully complete able with FTX Global, FTX Global vector, FSGlobal mesh
  • Highly optimized for high framerates and low memory use
  • Extensive manual including all chart
  • Accurate renders of the harbor and many objects along the approach
  • Realistic and accurate ILS offset of 2 degrees
  • SODE moving jetways/airbridges: First time on FSX/P3D - "T type" jetways
  • VGDS- Visual Guiding Docking System working on both FSX and P3D
  • Realistic 3D volumetric and grass between taxiways (Optional)
  • Accurate and realistic ground poly based on up-to-date photos and satellite images
  • High resolution photoreal (0.5cm/pix) coverage of 187 sq km


Buy Now at Aerosoft's web store


Aerosoft Milano Malpensa X


Aerosoft publishes Milano Malpensa's new scenery for FSX (and SE) and P3Dv3.

Malpensa has long been in need for a new good scenery and Aerosoft has finally given us what we were waiting for!

Here are its specs according to the site:

  • Accurate models of all buildings, the control tower and terminals 1 and 2
  • Accurately animated jetways (SODE system)
  • Apron with accurate ground signage
  • Highly detailed 0.5m/px ground textures with realistic seasons
  • Autogen around all buildings and trees
  • Landclass data for perfect ORBX integration
  • Animated radars, trains and airport vehicles
  • Realistic approach lighting
  • AESLite


Buy it at Aerosoft's store


Scenari ed Aeroporti aggiuntivi per FSX, Prepare3D e X-Plane


Abbiamo aggiunto una pagina con scenari di aeroporti italiani sotto "Pilot Area".

È presente in paticolare lo scenario di Malpensa, sviluppato da Gabriele Seppi del nostro Development Team, per FSX e comaptibile anche con Prepar3D. 

Vi invitiamo a condividere i vostri bei scenari freeware così da ampliare la nostra lista e migliorare le mete italiane.


We added a new page under "Pilot Area" with italian airport sceneries.

As a highlight there is Malpensa's FSX scenery (also compatibile with Prepar3D) developed by our Development team member Gabriele Seppi .

We invite you to share with us your beautiful freeware sceneries to make our list grow and improve italian destinations.

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