[Events] [18 Nov, 15-19z] ROME Overload


Ladies and gentlemen,
Just as the old saying goes: All roads lead to Rome! In this overload we give you over 200 reasons to visit the eternal city, with over 200 slots available taken from the real-world timetable, world wide destinations, departures over the Mediterranean sea, reduced takeoff minima, spectacular approaches over the eternal city, 3nm separation on final, independent parallel ILS, high speed runway exits, what more could we possibly offer?

That's right, for four hours we will make it 'as real as it gets' over Rome, and you will be the guest of honour.
Schedule your flight, brief your crew, load the sim and get ready to let roar your engines!

LIRF has the possibility to use the two parallel ILSs independently, this notably increases capacity and offers an amazing experience for pilots during the approach! It is a delicate procedure, so make sure that you know what to do in case of go-around or you will ruin the day for more than one person!

ATC will be online for 4 hours from 15z to 19z this gives the opportunity to book multiple national of international legs, of course you may still fly without a booking, but if you fly with, you will get priority over non scheduled flights for departure.

Sunday 18th November 2018
15.00-19.00z (16.00-20.00lcl)

Bookings can be found at www.vatita.net/booking


Briefing, sceneries and charts:  http://forum.vatita.net/index.php/topic,5205.0.html