Fir Brindisi

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Frequencies in bold are preferential frequencies for that particular facility, to be used compulsorily when no sectorization is in use.
Facilities in italic should not be used except for particular cases (e.g. events) or when every higher and lower facility is already staffed and the traffic is demanding them.

Italy Radar LIUP_CTR 132.900
(IT) Ente ATC preposto al servizio di controllo radar in rotta a tutti i voli IFR nello spazio superiore italiano (LIMM+LIPP+LIRR+LIBB, FL195-FL460), laddove il settore dell' ACC titolare non sia attivo.
(EN) ATC facility established to provide radar enroute control services to all IFR flights in the italian upper airspace (LIMM+LIPP+LIRR+LIBB, FL195-FL460) whenever the owning ACC sector isn't active.
Brindisi Radar LIBB_N_CTR 132.450
LIBB_S_CTR 132.070
Bari Radar LIBD_APP 119.500
Bari Tower LIBD_TWR 118.300
Grottaglie Approach LIBG_APP 118.700
Grottaglie Tower LIBG_TWR 128.100
Pescara Approach LIBP_APP 120.050
Pescara Tower LIBP_TWR 118.450
Brindisi Approach LIBR_APP 121.000
Brindisi Tower LIBR_TWR 118.100
Lamezia Radar LICA_APP 118.800
Lamezia Tower LICA_TWR 118.700
Catania Radar LICC_APP 119.250
Fontanarossa Tower
Fontanarossa Ground
Sigonella Tower LICZ_TWR 118.050
Reggio Approach LICR_APP 118.300
Reggio Tower LICR_TWR 124.100